(Czech) Nové EP Existential Paradox

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(Czech) Nový video single "Dawn" a 14.11. podzimní koncert na Melodce!

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(Czech) Nový song a klip "If I Could" je venku!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.

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    29.3. ZELENÝ ČTVRTEK @ Hrnem Brnem - Brno, Favál (+ Eponine, The.Switch!)
    7.10. Exit Empire - Křest Debutového Alba - Hodonín, Nautilus (+ Empire, Breaking The Cycle, Notion Deep)
    29.9. Live Recording Night - Brno, Melodka (+ Eponine, Hell Paso)
    19.8. Měděnec - Motosraz 2017
    24.6. Brno - Melodka (+ Aivn's Naked Trio, Dextreat)
    19.5. Bratislava - British Rock Stars (+ Break It Down, Mind The Gap, Limp Bizkit Revival SK)
    3.3. České Budějovice - Music Bar Velbloud (+ WANE SICK, Maniac)
    17.2. Praha - Chapeau Rouge Prague (+ CTM, Jokers)
    3.2. Křest alba Remembrance Brno - Melodka (+ FishFace, CTM, Black Burley)
    16.11. Brno - Melodka (+ Eponine, Break It Down, Wane Sick)
    20.09. Brno - Melodka (+ Infected Rain)
    11.06.2016 Across the Rock N-1 Brno - Melodka (+ Eponine, Sparking Fuse, Lili Vilit)
    19.05.2016 Blaze Bayley Infinite Entanglement Europen Tour 2016 Brno - Melodka (+ Blaze Bayley [UK])
    26.04.2016 Rock@FIT Brno - VUT FIT (+ Curiozity, GoodVibeZone, InsaneTV, HakMak, RockMood)
    16.01.2016 Rock Session Brno - Melodka (+ Sparking Fuse, Brünnfield, Let´s Roll)
    05.12.2015 KONCE&RTY Ostrava - Barrák (+ Heiden, Flash the Readies, Illegal Illusion)
    28.11.2015 KONCE&RTY Brno - Melodka (+ Heiden, Flash the Readies, Erath)
    27.11.2015 KONCE&RTY Bratislava - U Očka (+ Heiden, Flash the Readies)
    21.11.2015 KONCE&RTY Liberec - Azyl (+ Heiden, Erath)
    20.11.2015 KONCE&RTY Praha - Klub 007 (+ Heiden, Rest In Haste)
    10.10.2015 Velbloud Music Bar České Budějovice (+ Wane Sick, The Lovers [Swi])
    30.09.2015 Support INFECTED RAIN Brno - Livingstone (+ Infected Rain, D.O.P., Never Left Behind)
    26.09.2015 Underground Party Hard Žďár nad Sázavou (+ D.O.P., Mr. Dynaboom, F.A. King)
    12.09.2015 Hard & Heavy Saturday Night vol.3 Kuřim (+ Embrace the Darkness, Eponine, Dark Seal, Motiv)
    28.08.2015 Velkomeziříčské kulturní léto 2015 Velké Meziříčí (+ Open Air, + CKB, Edain)
    22.08.2015 Rousfest 2015 Rousínov - Open Air (+ Gate Crasher, Dark Gamballe, Maggots, Doga, Dymytry)
    11.07.2015 House of Freedom Bern, Switzerland
    22.05.2015 Benefiční kocert Brno - Trojka (+ AotMA)
    30.04.2015 Excel@FIT 2015 Brno - Fakulta informačních technologií VUT v Brně
    24.04.2015 Hodonín - Nautilus (+ Eponine)
    15.04.2015 Křest CD "Moments" & "My American Dream" Brno - Melodka (+ Eponine, Rattle Bucket, Step to the Crowd)
    06.03.2015 10 years of the band you barely know Strážnice - Green Bar (+ Retarded Fish, Step to the Crowd, Artificial Life, Refractory Obdurate
    27.02.2015 Brno - Melodka (+ Shadow Area, The Fall of Ghostface, Maggots)
    24.01.2015 Zimní Rousfest Královopolské Vážany - Sokolovna (+ Maggots, ,Gate Crasher, We Know, Caldera Rousínov)
    13.12.2014 Alternative Metal Night Brno - Brooklyn (+ Break It Down, Ten Sticks)
    19.11.2014 Movember Party Brno - Melodka (+ Step to the Crowd, John Wolfhooker, Annoying Dust)
    27.09.2014 Live session vol.2 Strážnice - Green Bar (+ Eponine, Artificial Life)
    24.09.2014 Hudba z Fektu 2014 Brno - Open Air VUT
    06.09.2014 The Unbroken Promise Euro Tour Brno - Metro Music Bar (+ The Unbroken Promise, Rainy Mood, Eponine)
    26.06.2014 Elgartka Fest Brno (+ Watch This!, Broken ankle of the moonlight stone)
    05.06.2014 Audiotek Kill the Night LIVE Brno - Melodka (+ Eponine, Rattle Bucket)
    10.05.2014 Vítání jara 2014 Třebíč - Komenského náměstí (+ LetsRoll, Dextreat, Marilyn Manson unmasked tribute, Čardáš Klaunů)
    30.04.2014 Jarňáles Vyškov - Bombastic (+ Maggots)
    05.04.2014 Modern Inquisition Experiment 5 Brno - Favál (+ Dark Gamballe, sic.engine, SYNÆSTHETICS, Derias&Spars, Onset)
    27.02.2014 Piece of Stone Party Křest EP - Brno - Melodka (+ Eponine, Step To The Crowd, All These Memories)
    23.02.2014 Brno - M13 (+ Marina, Step to the Crowd, In This Temple [AT])
    31.01.2014 Brno - Melodka (+ Remains of Force)
    30.11.2013 We the Crowd Brno - Melodka (+ Step to the Crowd, Pray For Forgiveness, Retarded Fish, City Lights)
    28.11.2013 Cabaret Memories Brno - Boro (+ All These Memories, Maggots)


Brno based rock band Painting Memories was founded at the beginning of 2013. Influenced by the music of such bands as Stone Sour, SOiL, Seether, Chevelle and many more, we released our debut EP "Piece of Stone" in early 2014. Since November of 2013 we have been playing gigs regularly and continuously writing new songs. In 2015 we released two singles "Reflections" and "Into the Core" and during 2016 we have written and recorded our first full-length album "Remembrance", which was released in January 2017. In December 2017 the new single and music video “Star Rover” was released as well. To contact us, please, use the form bellow or any social media from the Contacts section.





For now available only in Czech version.


If you are interested in having us at your event, organize a gig together, or just share something with us, please let us know via this form.

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