Autumn Shows

KONCE&RTY 2015 (ENDINGS&LIPS 2015) is a series of November and December shows we’re going to play with our friends from the band Heiden to support their upcoming record “Na svůj příběh jsme sami”. Olomouc based band Flash the Readies will be joining us on three of these events. You can get all the basic info […]

Buttons, stickers and other merchandise

For all of you who want to support us this way, we bring buttons, stickers and EPs with us to all our shows. One button costs 20 CZK, EP 50 CZK, stickers are for free. Also we currently work on making T-Shirts (both for men and women), they will be available soon 😉 You can […]

Oh Hi Hi!

Welcome to our official website. Here you will find all the info you need about our activities – what we play, what we release, where and when we’re performing + many more. If you would miss anything here, please let us know. (Photo by Clokkworkk Photography, 2015)

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