New album Remembrance out now – Youtube, iTunes, Google Play and others!

Ladies, gentlemen and you all in between, our first full-length album Remembrance is out now!  🎧📀 And it has been quite a long journey.
It has been more than a year of hard work, we wouldn‘t change for anything, because we‘ve learned a lot. About making records, about the world, about people and about ourselves.
Big thanks to all of you, who helped us along the way! Especially we would like to thank to these two gentlemen: Zdeněk Ondráček, Sonidos studio (recording, co-production, mix, mastering) and Jiří Šanca, our friend, and graphic designer (album cover, booklet design). Thank you for staying with us the entire time and supporting us even in the hardest times, when things looked quite messed up.
During the album composing process, we‘ve experienced our first line-up change, when after the departure of Martin, Adam jumped up onto the moving train. Thank you both, guys.
Remembrance came to life as something we didn‘t expect it to be in the first place. It became something of a concept album, which tells a story of its own. A story of life, death, fulfilled and unfulfilled desires, searching for the truth and finding the sometimes harsh reality you have to cope with. This is our garden of dreams and memories, where you can spend one waking night with us and meet our muses, demons, desires and addictions.
This album changed us. And our greatest wish is, that it would give You something, that it would change You and your life in a good way. That is why we want to be here in the first place.

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