First single “Delirium (Time to Forget)” from the new album “Remembrance”!

The song Delirium is about a feeling we all probably know. There are situations, people and things in our lives, we would probably like to avoid, but we are attracted to them anyway. Our mind, our brain says “no”, but everything else says “yes”. These things can and are able to destroy us and twist who we are, but sometimes we feel like we even want that. Delirium is about the feeling, the moment, when you’re about to take a dose of your “drug”. The thing that on one hand destroys you, but on the other hand makes you feel good and even gives you a purpose. You struggle, but inside you still know, that you’re still addicted. Would you fight it, or would you give in?

Album cover – Jiří Šanca
Recording, mix, mastering – Zdeněk Ondráček, Sonidos studio
The album will be released in January 2017


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